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Time Management Classic

Progress Schoolers who struggle with time management and procrastiination might enjoy this squeezed version of Dave Allen’s Classic Getting Things Done


Progress School on a Page….

In which direction(s) does progress lie? What would progress look like to you?

Think about your own needs, those of loved ones, friends and family, work and finances and the wider community?

What is preventing you from moving in the direction(s) of progress?

Are the barriers to progress mainly practical or psychological?

Are any people preventing your progress?  What else is stopping you?

How might you overcome or workaround these barriers?

What are you currently doing that you need to do more of, or to do better, if you are to make progress?

What are you not doing now, that you would be doing when progress has been made?

How will things be different when you have ‘progressed’?

What do you need to develop or learn?  What experiences might help you?

What did you do differently or new in last month or year that has helped you to make progress?

What can you do differently or new in the next month that might help?

How big, bold and brave are you prepared to be in the pursuit of progress?

What Should I Expect from Progress School?

Above all else you should expect to meet a friendly bunch of people all of whom are looking to make progress with something.  They maybe trying to build a businesses, develop or find a career, push a project forward, create a better world.  The age range is usually from late teens early twenties up.  I won’t make a guess at the upper age level – but some of us have grey hair or none! The diversity of the group is one of its strengths

We share a simple model to talk about progress and how we manage our own learning and practice so that we have the best possible chance of making it.  This is not some cerebral, philosophical debate – although it will get you thinking – but an ‘everyday conversation’ of the types that you might otherwise rarely have time for!

We meet for 2 hours, once a month, to talk, explore, learn and plan how we might change things over the coming days weeks and months in search of progress, and to plan what experiences might help.

You pay what you can, but free is fine.

So  come and join us at a Progress School soon…

Progress School Leeds –

Progress School Bradford –

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. “

– George Bernard Shaw

Progress School – Learning You Can Afford?

I spent a bit of time looking at levels of student debt recently.  It stands at a grand total of £35bn with an average of around £30k per student and the highest single debt at around £66k!

Learning, it would seem is an expensive business.

It got me thinking about how we might design ‘An Education We Can Afford’ and that pretty much describes Progress School.

Affording the Time 

Progress School requires you to find a couple of hours every month or so to touch base with a supportive peer group, usually over a 6 month period (although some have been attending Progress School on a pretty regular basis for well over a year).  The point is that you control your commitment to, and investment in, the process.  When you attend you will learn some simple but very powerful models that you can use to reflect on your everyday experiences and use it to plan opportunities to learn and change.  You will also have the chance to reflect and to talk things through with people who are ‘talking your language’. The way that you learn, what you choose to learn and how you learn it is up to you.  But this is very much about learning from lived experience, and actively seeking out the experiences that are most likely to teach you what you need to learn.

Affording the Money

It is an important principle of Progress School that no-one is denied access because of their inability to pay.  This means that Progress School is provided on a ‘Pay what You Can – But Free is Fine’ basis.  This ensures that Progress School has a very diverse and broad membership, spanning entrepreneurship, social enterprise, community and voluntary people, artists, actors, scientists, public servants and people who are looking for work, or just a better life.  Anyone looking to make progress is welcome!  It is particularly good for people who are looking to broaden their networks and develop their ability to lead change, either personally or professionally.

So, if you are looking for ‘an education that you can afford’ or to keep professional and personal development moving when training budgets are being hit hard, or just fancy connecting with a bunch of people who are all figuring out how they can make progress then please join us at Leeds or Bradford

On Learning…

…to learn I must have curiosity.  If I merely come to a conclusion my curiosity stops. So there must be curiosity to learn; there must be passion, and there must be energy. Without this I can’t learn.  – Krishnamurti

Be Nobody But Yourself

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. – e.e. cummings