Welcome to Progress School

Progress School will provide powerful, informal learning for people who are looking to make progress.

Progress might relate to personal circumstances – improved housing, better relationships, more income, fulfillment etc or to some of the opportunities and problems facing the ‘wider’ community – climate change, sustainability, political power, community development, improved health and wellbeing, making the most of web2.0 and Digital Britain – WHATEVER!

Based in Leeds, Progress School will be shaped  by its members to focus on what is most relevant to them.  The ‘curriculum’ for Progress School will be developed by its members.  Learning will be focused on problems and opportunities and based on principles of dialogue, correspondence and enquiry.

The school will provide members with an opportunity to ask ‘How do I make progress on things that matter most to me?’  Members will be helped to clarify ‘what really matters’ and to develop their ‘power’ to pursue it effectively.

Is Progress School For Me?

Progress School will be open to anyone who lives or works in Leeds and is serious about developing their own ability and power to be an effective agent for progress in WHATEVER area matters most to them.  So you could be working on strategic plans for the Leeds City Region, or working out how you are going find somewhere decent to live.  We are sure that a diverse membership drawn from as many backgrounds and experiences as possible will be key the success of the school.


The school will be ‘paid for’ by its members and made possible by local people donating their time and facilities to the project. We will ask members to pay what they think the experience is worth to them; or what they can afford – whichever is the least.  If you can afford nothing – then that is what you will pay.

Progress School will launch in October 2009 in Leeds.  We are hoping to find about 40 people to join the inaugural Progress School class.

Interested?  Questions? Get in touch by leaving a comment or e-mailing mikeatmichaelchittydotcodotuk


3 responses to “Welcome to Progress School

  1. Fantastic idea Mike. Will have a natter with you later.

  2. This all looks rather interesting! Peer to peer learning and development is a very powerful tool and has helped me to move on in many ways relating to my business. Quick question, or two if i may? Will it be based virtually? And, how will i get it to work for me? Look forward to your comments Mike or peers. . .

    • Gareth

      To begin with we are going hyper local – Leeds based – and kicking of with three half day ‘forming’ sessions. We will then workout with the first cohort what the right blend is of online/offline.

      How to make it work for you down there in the South East – well not sure at the moment – watch this space!

      Thanks for your interest!

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