The Possibility of Progress – A guided enquiry…

Wisdome Time - Leeds Progress School

Wisdom Time - Leeds Progress School

The second meeting of Leeds Progress School takes place next Wednesday October 21st at Hillside in Beeston.  Join us for lunch at 1.15 or for our formal start at 2.30.

We have at least two activities planned as well as plenty of time for conversation.  If you have not already seen it, or fancy seeing it again, we will be screening ‘Ripples Out’ a film which takes stock of progress achieved by a ten year, multi-million pound investment into Holbeck Urban Village.   It is a powerful, provocative and thoughtful film packed full of lessons and insight sfor anyone serious about community, regeneration and progress.

I will also be leading a guided enquiry into ‘The Possibility of Progress’.  This will help you to think again about the progress that you wish to see and the personal, organisational and societal learning, experimentation and practices that might help.

Progress School is open to anyone and there is no charge.  If you do plan to come along then please use the contact form to get in touch so we welcome you properly!


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