An Exercise in Changing Behaviours

Much to learn from this short video about how by changing the environment we can change behaviours….


3 responses to “An Exercise in Changing Behaviours

  1. It doesn’t take much. Just creativity – but sometimes is that creativity crushed by societies ‘norms’?

  2. I can’t believe nobody borrowed a tray from a certain fast food outlet to slide down these stairs!

  3. Liked the little video from Stockholm; wish I’d had it last weekend when I gave a presentation at a conference on the theme of ‘pro-social interventions’.

    Typically, when we have a ‘problem’, like ‘anti-social behaviour’, we tend to respond in what I would describe as anti-social ways: stopping young people gathering in public space, dispersing them, moving them on.

    In contrast, promoting inter-generational dialogue, organising fun activities, taking their views and concerns seriously are all pro-social responses and, invariably, more effective.

    The ideas I took receipt of at this week’s PS were wonderful. I went away thinking employers would be daft not to release their staff for a session of PS once a month. Thx.

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