Nottingham Progress School – on its way…

There has been quite some interest in Leeds Progress School from the East Midlands and I am delighted to say that second Progress School will start in Nottingham in September.

Providing first class, self directed and self managed learning for anyone who is looking to make progress in or around Nottingham.  Progress School will aim to bring together people from all sectors (private, public, third sectors) and none to help each other with the challenges of progress.


We will meet monthly in a twilight slot – 4pm-6pm, and we hope that those who wish to can share an affordable meal afterwards.  The first meeting will be Thursday 16th September.  Subsequent meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday of every month.


We are currently looking for the best venue in Nottingham to hold Progress School – details will be released shortly.


The focus of the sessions will be on building a powerful group, each member of whom is committed to their own development and to supporting the development of other group members.  The emphasis will be on ‘learning’ rather than teaching and training – clarifying learning agendas and developing experiments that will help us to adopt new and more powerful behaviours in our pursuit of progress.  The group will be using a structured, proven and tested framework developed by Richard Boyatzis and colleagues – called self directed leadership learning.


We want Progress School to be accessible and affordable to all – as we believe the more diverse the group, the more powerful the learning.  So prices will start from FREE.  However we will ask you to pay what feel you can afford.  If you are able to make a donation then this will be taken online or by invoice if you prefer.

Progress school takes no funding from anyone – apart from its members.  No public funding  means we can stay fast, flexible and fun!  It also means we can never be threatened by ‘funding’ being withdrawn.  We will be beholden to no-one apart from other members of the School.

Book your tickets here.

Who will be in Progress School?

Applications for Progress School will be welcomed from anyone.  Members will be chosen to provide a diverse and interesting group.  Commitment to the group will also be a factor.  If you attend regularly you are more likely to get a place at future events.

Ability to pay will not be a defining  issue.  There will be a number of free places.  However we do need to get to a point where we can cover our costs – so we are also hoping to find people prepared to donate what they can afford.

Our aim is to establish a cohort of perhaps 40 or so people who will share in supporting each others progress.

Commitment Required

To attend as regularly as you can, for as long as Progress School and its members remain useful to you.  And to support the development of other Progress School members in any way that you can.  That is it.

Eating Together

After each progress school meeting there will be the opportunity to share a meal and carry on the conversation.  If you wish to stay for the meal there will be  a charge of £5 per person payable on the night.  Just let us know that you want feeding as you book your place.


Then Contact Us and Register Interest


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