Individual Development Plans and Progress School

Individual Development Plans are Worthless.

This is the title of a post written by Dan McCarthy over at Great Leadership. And he should know, he has helped to write thousands of them!  To get them working well, Dan suggests:

  • Making a public declaration about what you are going to do to make progress
  • Getting an accountability partner – someone who will hold you to your promises for your own development
  • Schedule ‘development’ reminders into your calendar – put time aside for it, and
  • Track and measure your progress

This is one of the reasons why we set up Progress School.

It provides accountability partners, monthly reminders about the importance of development, allows for a public declaration of the progress you intend to make and helps you to track and measure how you are getting on.
But I think it goes further than that.  Much further…
Progress School also serves to let you look at development planning in a whole person context, allowing the integration of both personal and professional development into a single framework.
And it provides an environment where you can reflect on your development away from the pressures of those who have a vested interest in what you become, allowing you time and space to think freely.
With a pricing policy that says ‘pay what you like, free is fine’, why wouldn’t you join us?

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