So How Are You Doing at Progress School?

With no expense spared I have developed a simple tool for you to use to benchmark your progress using a simple spider diagram, or ‘radar chart’ for those who prefer a more clinical vocabulary.

For each of the steps of the Self Directed Learning Cycle the chart allows you to score yourself for your own achievement/development in relation to that item.

Broadly speaking a ’10’ would mean ‘I have this completely nailed.  I simply don’t see how I could do or know any more in relation to this item.’

A ‘1’ on the other hand might mean ‘I have barely given this any thought and have yet to make a start at all’.

So score yourself on each of the axes, make a mark, join the dots and bring it with you to Progress School.

In each of the areas ask yourself ‘What can I do to move this up the scale by 1 point?’    Try experimenting with some of your ideas….

NB Just click the image to get a nice big version!


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