Progress School – Is it for you?

Major changes are afoot.

It has been many years since I felt quite so clearly the sense of nervousness and fear about the present, but also perhaps a sense of optimism, anger and a desire for real change to create a better future.

Time to re-think what to do with your life.  Or perhaps how you do it.

To reset yourself in a very different world.

To make sure that the next chapter not only ticks the box in terms of income, but also feeds your soul, contributes something worthwhile.  Includes, at its heart, ‘good work‘.

Progress School provides a framework, a process and most importantly perhaps a group of ‘fellow travellers’ for people who are looking to make progress in their lives.  It maybe dealing with redundancy and a transition to self employment, leading a business, building a community group or having a better family life.

You can work on anything at Progress School.

Progress School has no agenda or outputs to hit.  It is not about getting you ‘back to work’ or ‘into volunteering’, ‘giving up smoking’ or ‘getting fit’.  It is about providing you with time and space to work on whatever it is that really matters to you.

It is not about CVs, job searches, testimonials and networking.  It is about conversations.

Conversations about hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Conversations about possibilities and potentials.  And conversations about what you can do to make progress.

We meet every month for a couple of hours and then those that want to carry on the conversations over a meal.  The sessions are semi structured and everyone uses a shared model to frame their pathway towards progress.

You can come to as many, or as few sessions as you wish.

Best of all, to take part in Progress School, you pay what you like.   And FREE really is fine.

At the moment Progress School is established in Hull and Leeds.  Just follow the links to book your place.

We would love for you to join us….

You can watch a short film about Progress School or listen to a short interview about Progress School I did for the BBC.


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