Progress School on a Page….

In which direction(s) does progress lie? What would progress look like to you?

Think about your own needs, those of loved ones, friends and family, work and finances and the wider community?

What is preventing you from moving in the direction(s) of progress?

Are the barriers to progress mainly practical or psychological?

Are any people preventing your progress?  What else is stopping you?

How might you overcome or workaround these barriers?

What are you currently doing that you need to do more of, or to do better, if you are to make progress?

What are you not doing now, that you would be doing when progress has been made?

How will things be different when you have ‘progressed’?

What do you need to develop or learn?  What experiences might help you?

What did you do differently or new in last month or year that has helped you to make progress?

What can you do differently or new in the next month that might help?

How big, bold and brave are you prepared to be in the pursuit of progress?


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