About Progress School

Progress School provides powerful, informal learning for people who are looking to make progress.

Progress might relate to personal circumstances – improved housing, better relationships, more income, fulfillment etc or to some of the opportunities and problems facing the ‘wider’ community – climate change, sustainability, political power, community development, improved health and wellbeing, making the most of web2.0 and Digital Britain – WHATEVER!

Progress School will give you a framework and the support that you need to nbecome more powerful in the pursuit of whatever it is that you want to see change.

Is Progress School For Me?

Progress School will be open to anyone who wants to explore and develop their own ability and power to be an effective agent for progress in WHATEVER matters most to them.  So you could be working on strategic plans for a City, or working out how you are going find somewhere decent to live.


The school will be ‘paid for’ by its members and made possible by local people donating their time and facilities to the project. We will ask members to pay what they can – but free is fine.

Progress School  will be starting soon in both Bradford and Leeds.

Interested?  Questions? Get in touch by leaving a comment.


15 responses to “About Progress School

  1. Fascinating idea. Anything that gets away from school =assessment+exams+don’t-think-for-yourself has got to be good. But alas, I do not live near Leeds.

  2. Hi Mike

    I like this idea but I’m wondering how to get involved because I neither live nor work in Leeds (although I do have some clients there).

    Any advice?

    Best wishes


    • Mike, you would be welcome to join us if you can make the dates, although I suspect that the local focus will become important in practical terms of building relationships and offering mutual support.

      It may be that we can use web2.0 to break down the geographical barriers…I am not sure…


  3. Hi Mike
    I too am really interested in this idea, but don’t live in Leeds. I have a specific reason in that I would like to work with others to establish an “eco-village” of possibly half a dozen houses along the lines of Hockerton Housing Project (www.hockertonhousingproject.org.uk). This would be a very big project taking years to complete but for over 20 years I’ve been reading about the impact of global warming and, having just read James Lovelock’s latest book, becoming as self-sufficient as possible for the sake of my 2 daughters, seems the most important thing I could do over the next 10 years or so. I am seeking to find like-minded people with the commitment to make it happen and maybe this could be a way of putting people in touch with one another, who knows?

    • The cure for despair is not hope. It is discovering what we want to do about something we mind intensley about. Sounds like you have already found your next 10 year project. Watch this space, because we are getting as much interest from outside Leeds as from in the city – so it maybe that we need some kind of virtual platform too.
      Many thanks for taking the time to post!

      • Graeme Tiffany

        I would go along with the comments made on virtual learning environments; perhaps we might even hook in a few of the e-Generation?

  4. Wish you well Mike! Looks revolutionary 🙂

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  6. Mike,

    On the face of it interesting, it seems to link with many things I am doing professionally or personally. Such as working on a regional strategy for the social enterprise sector for SEYH. Working on the development of a community organising body in Leeds or developing Chapeltown Development Trust.

    As you know I am squeezed for time so how would this be more than a talking shop, how will this help some real change and engender a different value set which the Bobby kennedy quote seems to allude too.

    • Alex

      All I can say is that the intention is not to set up a talking shop, but a practical and challenging network of support for a school of progressives in the City. It maybe that you can recruit followers and helpers to your work, it maybe that you find you can offer support to ‘fellow travellers’.

      All I can say is that the school will be ‘enquiry’ based, encouraging us to ask difficult questions of ourselves, our beliefs and our actions with a view to creating the possibility for personal change in pursuit of progress. It will also offer the potential to establish new networks and relationships.

      Looks like we will get an interesting cross section of ‘for profits’, ‘third’ and ‘public sector’ all sharing an interest in, and commitment to, the possibility of progress.

      I am not sure I know many people who are not time poor at the moment. I hope that will not prevent you from helping to shape what I think could become a powerful movement in the city.

      We must have a chat though as I feel we are missing out on some synergies….

  7. Hi,
    I am also interested in joining but I am based in Rotherham. I am looking for ideas and inspiration and like minded individuals interested in helping make real and sustainable change in and for Rotherham.

    Can I join?
    K x

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