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8 responses to “Contact Us and Register Interest

  1. Real progress can be best achieved in larger numbers – a cooperative with a worthy, united cause.

  2. not sure I agree with this. Often it is only smaller groups or individuals which have the most influence and change history most. What really matters is the quality of the driving ideas and leadership. Decision making and reacting quickly to changing circumstances is often more lengthy and difficult the more numbers of people are involved in the process. This can create all manner of problems.
    My feeling is that the theories and principles are all well and good but what most potential clients will want to buy into is practical achievements and many will want to see evidence of some track record.
    I am very interested in the concept of a Progress School and would like to help steer it along the best route. Just tell me how I can best help. ( Full CV available on request).

    Best wishes to all,

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