What People Say…

“I’ve always known personal development was important, but rarely actually made any time for it. Progress School changes that. It means that at least once a month I’m forced to think about my own development, and better still it gives me the tools, support and motivation for doing so.”

“Joining a group which is focused on self development has focused me on what I need to do.  Knowing that I will be “reporting in” once a month has helped me to find the time to put in the effort to do something in readiness for the next session.”

Thank you very much for inviting me to Hull Progress School which I thoroughly enjoyed. I thought that Mike’s presentation /facilitation was excellent. Actually I was able to recall the model verbatim during a conversation over the weekend which either

a) had a lasting and meaningful impact, or
b) means that I am opening my mind as a consultant to new ideas, or
c) makes me sad and I should get out more !

See you soon!

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